DIY Dryer Repair: Tips and Tricks for Homeowners from "FIXIT"

Repairing household appliances on your own is not only a way to save money but also a great opportunity to get to know the inner workings of your favorite devices. Today, "FIXIT" invites you to delve into the world of DIY dryer repair. Our tips and tricks will help you quickly and safely restore your appliance's functionality.

Safety First

Before you start the repair, make sure to disconnect the dryer from the power supply. This will prevent possible injuries and appliance damage due to short circuiting.

Fault Diagnosis

The first step is to identify the cause of the malfunction. The most common dryer problems include:

  • Won’t turn on. Check the power circuit, plug, and socket. Sometimes, a blown thermal fuse can be the culprit.
  • Doesn’t heat up. In this case, inspect the heating element, thermostats, and thermal fuses.
  • Clothes not drying well. A clogged ventilation system can be the main reason. Regular cleaning of the vent and lint trap will help avoid this problem.

Simple Solutions

Some issues can be resolved without deep intervention into the appliance:

  • If the dryer isn’t heating, try resetting the thermal fuse. Reset instructions are usually found in the user manual.
  • Ensure the ventilation duct isn’t blocked. Regularly clean it from accumulated lint and debris.
  • Check and, if necessary, replace worn or damaged belts and rollers that may cause noise or vibration.

Replacing Components

When it's necessary to replace components, it's important to purchase parts that match your dryer's model. "FIXIT" offers a wide range of spare parts for various brands and models.

  • Replacing the heating element or thermostat requires carefulness and attention to detail. Disconnect all connections and carefully install new components.
  • Belt replacement might seem challenging, but with the right approach, you can do it on your own. Remember to relieve tension before removing the old belt.


DIY dryer repair is not just about saving money; it's also an opportunity to better understand how your appliance works. Following our tips and tricks, you can confidently tackle dryer issues and extend the life of your appliance.